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MINDSHAKER, shape your life for the better with the right questions

MindShaker is your new mobile coach. He’s always available for you, 24/7. It will help you to think differently, and find the solutions to your concerns. MindShaker invites you to reflect through a series of powerful questions. You can change and enrich your point of view, see the bigger picture, and find new insights. What will you do with all the possibilities you weren’t even aware of?

For the best results use MindShaker every day. It’s the small steps you take in your life that make the difference, the benefits will snowball in a short time.

A custom solution tailored to your needs


Calm down the fires when feeling overwhelmed


Access more than 400 powerful coaching questions, of which some are specifically designed to help you start or end the day


Tools, exercises and resources that help you wire your brain for long term serenity

I felt I never had time for myself in between work, my family, and the pressure of having it all. The good life, my search for perfection was crushing me. MindShaker helped me to understand that even if I’m not perfect, it’s ok. I can manage the demands of my working/mom life in a healthier way, by taking a little more time for myself. Without letting go of my career. I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore, and I’m more confident that even if new challenges will arise, we’ll find a solution.


I work in a large company, but I dreamed of opening my own business for many years, a home care service. I never dared to cross the line, I’m too afraid of failure! With Mindshaker, my way of seeing things has gradually changed. MindShaker has given me the initial nudge to take the time to prepare and consolidate my project. I feel ready.


MindShaker helped me take a step back during my midlife crisis. I was about to burnout at work, thinking that I had wasted most of my life doing a job that didn’t give me any meaning. I felt like quitting till when I was able to see things differently. Now I still work for the same company, but my work is completely different today. Without MindShaker I would have probably quit, letting a great opportunity slip through my own hands.


Learn How To Become Good At Stress

Stress is what you make of it. Learn how to use it at your advantage.

MindShaker can help you find serenity when you are feeling angry, frustrated or discouraged in a difficult situation. It can help you find calm when you feel out of control and are not able to think clearly.

Have you ever:

  • Felt there was nothing you could do about a situation?
  • Thought over and over about a challenge in your head?
  • Worried too much about work problems at home?


Without training our minds rarely do what we want them to. MindShaker allows you to funnel stress in the right direction by guiding your thoughts towards the best solution. You can transform stress from something that hinders you to an energy that makes you stronger. MindShaker will empower you to flourish in a sustainable way by using stress to your advantage.

The amazing power of questions

The way you speak to yourself has an important impact on the quality of your life.

How you speak to yourself affects how you grow. Asking about solutions is at the heart of coaching. With MindShaker you’ll be able to find solutions that work best for yourself, not someone else. The right questions allow you to progress towards the life you aspire to. But not all questions are useful or beneficial. MindShaker’s questions help you to improve your thinking and awareness. With these skills, you are building the foundations for learning, positive change, and a more satisfying life.

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