Mindsets are belief systems that shape our reality. A lousy mindset can compromise our life. Mindsets make a difference in how you run a country, a successful business, or your own personal growth.


Hard to believe?

People who have an “ageing is bad” mindset die, on average, seven and a half years earlier than those who think ageing is good.

ageing is bad

Who thinks stress is good, and that it can help them perform better, show the lowest mortality rates.

stress is good

Those who believe that most people can be trusted tend to live longer.


Patients that are administered painkillers by a doctor feel greater pain reduction than patients who were given the same painkiller by an computerised IV pump.


Cleaning ladies who are made aware of how many calories they burn on their job, suddenly start losing weight without changing their diet or their exercising habits.

calories they burn

People who are asked to imagine performing a physical conditioning exercise for two weeks become 24% stronger at the end of their imaginary training.


The number of calories we think some food contains will affect our metabolic and hormonal responses independently from how many calories it really contains.

calories food

Students that pretend to be air force pilots when using a flight simulator improve their vision. Students who just use the simulator don’t.

improve their vision

Cultivating compassion, benevolence, and friendship towards ourselves and others contributes to our growth and progress more than harsh criticism. The motivation to outperform ourselves is greater than it would be if we were critical.


Who welcomes challenges with joy and are able to transform adversity into enjoyable opportunities have the highest quality of life.

enjoyable opportunities

What will you do when instead of being your biggest adversary,
you become your most supportive fan ?

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