Our program will teach you how to bridge the gap between what you have now and what you would like to have in your life. You’ll learn how to take control over your reality. How to overcome fear, frustration, anxiety and discouragement. You’ll learn how to stop being stuck in a trench waging war against yourself.

We built the program upon solid scientific evidence. It includes the latest developments in cognitive behavioral training, neuroscience, positive psychology, coaching, and sports psychology. You won’t have to read hundreds of books. You won’t have to try out many different methods and learn at your own risk what works and what doesn’t. We did it for you. You’ll be able to achieve greater results is much less time at a fraction of the cost.

Our course is the perfect companion to our new book: Life Beyond Your Horizon. It takes the most important topics we cover in the book and guides you in putting them into practice. We created a step by step plan to help you progress in your journey. You don’t have to do it alone! You can watch our videos each day, or once per week. It’s up to you to set the pace.

Our e-course is made of four different modules:

1- Audacity

You’ll learn all about taking risks and stepping up when opportunities present themselves. You’ll also learn about the major barriers that trap you in your comfort zone and how you can overcome them. Stretching yourself is the key to higher achievements and the life to which you aspire.

2- Desire

In this module, you’ll learn why people do what they do. It’s strenuous to reach goals you don’t find inspirational. By learning more about your personality and what motivates you, you’ll be able to add more meaning to your life. It’s the foundation for developing the courage to live a life truer to yourself. Failures, the fear of rejection, and vulnerability start to lose their power when you act in harmony with your inner compass.

3- Mindsets

Your beliefs shape how you live. In this module, you’ll learn how to leverage the best mindsets to revolutionize your life. The benefits range from living longer to transforming adversity into enjoyable challenges. You’ll learn how to fail and use stress to become stronger. What will you do when instead of being your biggest adversary, you become your most supportive fan?

4- Ability

Many don’t progress in their lives because they don’t know how to perform under pressure. Trying out something new becomes too scary. In this module, you’ll learn how to give your best when obstacles arise and stakes are up. We’ll teach you how to control your emotions and thoughts. How to think smarter and use reason to overcome our brain’s limitations. You’ll learn how to increase your confidence, your sense of worth, and control over your situation.

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Practical, relevant but universal

Throughout our course, you’ll be invited to work towards a specific goal that is meaningful to you. It doesn’t matter if you want to change careers or start taking more time for yourself. What you’ll learn are the fundamental building blocks that will allow you to bring your boldest self towards the challenges you face in life. The skills you’ll learn are universal.

You’ll be able to apply them in any area of your life, no matter how it evolves. Similarly to how every athlete does pushups and squats: these exercises are so good, they became foundational to the sports world. Although one thing will change drastically: you’ll jump at opportunities, you will be happy to take more risks and get the life to which you aspire.

The great virtues of ordinary boldness

Developing our audacity is to add meaning and satisfaction to our lives. It’s daring to think and say: “Me too, I can!”. It can take the forms of starting a personal project, believing in yourself, expressing your talents, or get rid of a bad habit. It’s not the bravery superheroes have, but the audacity of “ordinary” people who decide to take control of their future.

Don’t be afraid to start small! With consistent small steps everyone can manage to achieve deep, lasting positive change!

The secret behind a meaningful life, a life that brings you satisfaction and well being, lies in what you do with your days. Developing the right routines, habits and motivation. Your capacity to dare more is like a muscle, and with our e-coaching programme you can learn how to develop it on a daily basis.

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